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Privacy Policy
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It is The Nytewood Press policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you or which you may provide to us, in the circumstances set out below. Accordingly, we have developed this privacy policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose, safeguard and otherwise make use of your personally identifiable information (“Personal Data”).


We will only collect and use your Personal Data where:

–  we have lawful grounds to do so, including to comply with our legal obligations;

– we are performing a contract with you for our services; and

– we have legitimate interests in using your Personal Data and your interests and fundamental rights do not override those interests.


In compliance with PIPEDA principles, we, The Nytewood Press, are appointed as the “data controller”. We use your data to send monthly newsletters and updates on author Scott Palmer, as well as for advertising purposes. If you have any questions about this policy or about how we use your Personal Data, please contact us via our contact details at the end of this policy.

This policy is effective as of February 11/2024. We review our privacy practices on an ongoing basis, and as such we may change this privacy policy from time to time. Please check this page frequently to ensure you are familiar with its current content.


1. Consent

User consent is required for data collection (i.e. email address, first name, etc.)


 2. Limited collection

The collection of your data will be limited to that which is needed for the purposes identified by The Nytewood Press. All information is collected by fair and lawful means. 


3. Limited use, disclosure, and retention

Unless the individual consents otherwise or it is required by law, personal information is only used and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected. Personal information will only be kept as long as required to serve those purposes.

4. Accuracy

Personal information will be as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as possible in order to properly satisfy the purposes for which it is to be used. 


5. Safeguards

Personal information is protected by appropriate security relative to the sensitivity of the information. 


6. Openness

When we collect your email, first name, or any other information from you our only goal is to use the data provided to send the user monthly newsletters and updates regarding author Scott Palmer. We will also use your email address for advertising purposes to help us reach a similar audience. 


7. Individual Accesss

Upon request, an individual will be informed of the existence, use, and disclosure of their personal information and be given access to that information. An individual is able to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended appropriately. 


8. Challenging Compliance

An individual is able to challenge The Nytewood Press’ compliance with the above principles. Their challenge should be addressed to Scott Palmer, our chief privacy officer accountable for our compliance with PIPEDA. 


9. Contact Us


Our full details are:


The Nytewood Press


Email for privacy questions:


Postal Address: The Nytewood Press, Hyde Park Road, London, Ontario.

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