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The Last Ballad Series

A Memory Of Song

First Verse Of The Last Ballad

In a dying land, the armies of the dead hold sway. And those who rule them are more god than human. 

James Culdaine, the last heir of the Northern Throne, was just a young man when the armies of the South murdered his parents and subjugated his lands. He has never forgotten those responsible, nor has he forgiven. He has spent the last ten years living in isolation with The Feldarra; a sacred Northern clan of fierce warriors, led by the fearless Wulfee who, still reeling from the loss of her own children, finds new meaning in protecting what only family she has left. 

Now, an ancient order of warlocks has returned to the North, singing dark songs composed of blood magic that null the elements and threaten all that is living.

With nature depleted and the Southern armies returning to the North, James struggles to embrace the unique power he has long tried to repress; the ability to commune with the spirits of the dead. In the bitter heart of a growing war, with the world dying around them, James and Wulfee desperately seek answers, vengeance, and a way to save the ones they love... No matter the cost. 

Fires refuse to burn. The skies are thirsty and breathless. The earth won’t eat its rot…

Welcome to Ardura. 

A Memory Of Song Front Cover

Coming may 29 2024

The Sound of Starfall
The Sound Of Starfall
A Prelude to The Last Ballad
Coming summer 2024

When History is Written in Blood Magic, Its Songs Are Best Forgotten. 


The Warlocks of Yehven have ruled over the Remembered Lands with their songs of dark sorcery since the skies were new. 

But now, the Abori, a mysterious death cult from the wild lands of Edura, have arrived in the name of Nature to exterminate the Warlocks and their sorcerous Words with them. 

As the Abori close in and the golden city of Ailar crumbles into anarchy, three people try to find meaning in their lives on their last day breathing.


Rebels rule the streets.

New orders replace the old.

The sound of Starfall eats all else.

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