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A Memory Of Song


Places and Events:


Ardura - (ar - dur - ah) The continent of Ardura. One of three known continents in The Remembered Lands, the other two being Edura and Sothura.


The Fells - The northernmost kingdom of Ardura. Mostly inhabited by nomadic, warring clans. Dominated by the overwhelming shadow of the ancient castle Kallahorn and its dark secrets. 


Mal Hallow - (mAL hAL - oh) A land of haunted arbors, magic Hills, Standing Stones, and rushing rivers. Protected by the great Lovasi castle of Mammoth’s Head, built at the crossing of one of few passable fords in the rushing White River. The Mal people have lived here since the start of time. The kingdom is governed by many ruling Lords who have sworn fealty to the king of Ayeland, Calen Alder.


Ayeland -  (AIL - ind) The largest kingdom in Ardura. A land of bounty and abundance. Ruled by the Alder dynasty for the last seventy years from the Lovasi castle known as The Bloodwall, in the city of Solace. 


Daggland - (dayg - land) An island to the far north. Inhabited by an ancient race of reavers and warriors who once crafted unbreakable steel and have since fallen to a lesser state.


The Glenn - A kingdom in the northwest of Ardura. Known for its lush arbor, the Lovasi castle Stone Tree, and the forest city of Elurra. The Brynmor dynasty has ruled the kingdom for the last 60 years. The Glenn is also well known for its massive destrier war horses that feed on dead flesh, and the speed and strength that the beasts give to their army. 


The Starfall - An event that destroyed the great empire of Yehven around four thousand years ago. An Abori mage used magics to bring a star down on the Golden City of Ailar, in Yehven. The impact turned the area around Ailar to dust and sent the world into many years of darkness. 



Wanderers & Outcasts


James Culdaine - (jaymz  kULL -dane) Known as the seer, or worldwalker. The son of the usurped king of Mal Hallow. Has been hiding in The Fells with Wulfee and her clan since the death of his family ten years ago.

Bren Culdaine - (bren kULL - dane) Father to James Culdaine. Former king of Mal Hallow. Killed by Calen Alder. 

Nara of Oster - (nar - ah of aw - ster) Mother to James Culdaine. Former queen of Mal Hallow. Killed by Calen Alder. 


Eurick - (yurr - ick) A transporter of The Raven’s Guild. Hired to track and deliver James. 


Adeqor - (a - deh - kor) A warlock of Yehven. Cast out from The Ailaryan Order — a group of warlocks that survived The Starfall. 


Wulfee - (sounds like wolf - ee) A kihl’dor (leader) of a small clan of Feldarra. Heartbound to Sweyne. Mother to Tarek, and Braden. 


Sweyne - (sounds like swayne) Heartbound to Wulfee. Father to Tarek, and Braden. Missing.

Tarek - (tar - ick) Oldest son of Wulfee and Sweyne. Killed in single combat. 

Braden - (bray - din) Youngest son of Wulfee and Sweyne. Missing in battle. 


Gen - A youthful giy’er. Tame from his upbringing with a human clan. 


Pike - An old, chiseled warrior. Karl to Wulfee. Heartbound to Alissa of Lorne. Father to Tess. 

Alissa of Lorne - (a - lih - sah) Heartbound to Pike. Mother to Tess. Mistaken for an intruder and killed by guards. 

Maggie - (may - gee) A mage of unknown origins. Wulfee’s clan took her in after they found her abandoned and injured.


Folk of The Hallow


Tara - (Tar - ah) Heartbound to Braden. Mother to Little Sweyne. 


Benn - An old healer. Traveling with Tara and Little Sweyne.


Little Sweyne - (swayne) Wulfee’s grandson. Son of Braden and Tara. 


Lew - A stable master in The Hallow Hills


Shaqqa Ro - Also known as The Green Man. A shaman, or death stealer, that lives and works at the foot of The Hallow Hills, in the Dark Arbor.

Yule - An albino man who stands seven feet tall. Shaqqa Ro’s personal guard.


rulers of Mal Hallow, and Their Followers:




Lord Derudin Deadmaker - (deh - roo - din) Lord of Ockam. Fealty sworn to Calen Alder of Ayeland. Heartbound to Aylee of Oldwood. Father to Eridan. Former coat of arms is a white flag with a bloody red handprint. 


Aylee of Oldwood - (AIL - ee) Former Lady of Ockam. Heartbound to

Derudin. Mother to Eridan. Killed by unknown causes. 


Eridan - (AIR - ih - dan) Son of Derudin and Aylee.


Padraig, The Small - (pa - drayg) A very large warrior. A member of The Blood Company, Derudin’s personal guard. 


Itchy, The Bard - (ih - chee) An old bard who isn’t very good. 


Mineera Mori - (mih - nEER - a mOR - ee) A scholar from New Lovas. Travelled to Mal Hallow to record the events of barbarians. 


Tam, the road smith - A member of The Blood Company.


Gerdey, the cook - (ger - dee) A member of The Blood Company.


Karillin Threethumbs - (kah - rILL - in) A member of The Blood Company.


Berra Coldblood - (bAIR - a) A member of The Blood Company.


Logan TooTall - (loh - gin) A member of The Blood Company.


Arda Honeytongue - (AR - dah) A member of The Blood Company.




Lord Brinley Scareye - (brin - lee) Lord of Dawning. Heartbound to Sessely of Fever. Father to Tilda, Brigid, and Aione. Fealty sworn to King Calen Alder of Ayeland. Former coat of arms is a black crow on a field of gold. 


Sessely of Fever - (seh- sih - lee) Lady of Dawning. Heartbound to Brinley. Mother to Tilda, Brigid, and Aione. 


Tilda - (tILL - dah) - One of The Three Black Crows of Dawning: (Daughter of Lord Brinley, and Lady Sessely)


Brigid - (brih - jid) - One of The Three Black Crows of Dawning: (Daughter of Lord Brinley, and Lady Sessely)


Aione - (eye - oh- nee) - One of The Three Black Crows of Dawning: (Daughter of Lord Brinley, and Lady Sessely)




Lord Claydon Coldfoot (klay - din) - Lord of Tusk, and Castellan to the Lovasi castle of Mammoth’s Head. Fealty sworn to King Calen Alder of Ayeland. Former coat of arms is a grey mammoth on a field of green. 


Heri Doe - (hair - ee - doe) A mysterious woman who came and went without warning. She disappeared forever after giving birth to Macts. Some folk believe she was a river nymph. 

Aron - (ar - on) The oldest son of Claydon Coldfoot and Heri Doe.

Macts - (sounds like max) The youngest son of Claydon Coldfoot and Heri Doe.




Lady Ruwen The Strong - (roo - win) Lady of Rosen. Known as the Old Bear. Heartbound to Yaren of Rosen. Mother to Gareth and Jon. 

Yaren of Rosen - A man of Rosen. Heartbound to Lady Ruwen. Father to Gareth and Jon. 

Gareth - (gAIR - ith) The oldest son of Ruwen and Yaren.

Jon - Youngest son of Ruwen and Yaren. 




Lord Richard Brynmor - (brin - mOR) Lord of Elurra, in The Glenn. Former ally of Mal Hallow. A friend to Derudin. 


The Rangers of E’daru:


Haro - (hair - oh) Leads a band of Rangers and is a highly respected member of The Fellowship of Rangers. Other band leaders take his word as law. 


Florence - (flOR - inse) Leads a band of Rangers. 


Gulla - (gULL - ah) A Ranger of e’daru. 


Coal - (kOAL) A Ranger of e’daru whose confidence in himself is unwavering.


Jerrick - (jAIR - ick) A Ranger of e’daru.


Crowseye - A Ranger of e’daru. Master of bow and arrow.


Leatherback - A Ranger of e’daru. Can read the stars and the moon.


Stackhand - A Ranger of e’daru. Wields an axe like no other and only has half a tongue. 


The Kihl’dor Of Pool & His Followers:


Odhran - (ode - ran) Kihl’dor of Pool. Brother to Alissa. Brotherbound to Pike. Uncle to Tess.

Tess - A karl of The Fells. Daughter to Pike and Alissa.


Six-toe Dillon - A karl of The Fells. From a mixed race clan who are known to mate with el’vie.


Killer Jobe - A karl of The Fells. Son of the great kihl’dor, Collen of The Rock. 


Tilly One-eye - A karl of The Fells. Daughter of the great kihl’dor, Collen of The Rock.


Golla Grace - (gALL - ah) A karl of The Fells. Known as The She-Wolf of Urum.


Tennit Boneshaker - Kihl’dor of the Bone-Eater clan. 


Warlocks, Kings, & Brigands


Ellorin - (el - oh - rin) Known as The Banshee, or The Hunter of Souls. A surviving member of The Ailaryan Order. 


King Calen Alder - (kay - lin ALL - der) The King Of Ayeland. Currently garrisoned at Kallahorn. Heartbound to Queen Helen Alder. Father to Ianna, Sammil, Dredrik, Helena, and Sherri Alder. 


King Baleth Longsongs - (bAIL - ith) Declared himself King of Kallahorn. Heartbound to Anne of Morland. Father to Fiora. Many say that he went mad in the year before his murder. Killed by Calen Alder. 

Queen Anne of Morland - Heartbound to Baleth Longsongs. Mother to Fiora. Killed by Baleth Longsongs.

Fiora - (fee - OR - ah) Daughter of Baleth Longsongs, and Anne of Morland. Missing. 


The Wolf - A brigand general gathering mercenaries and rebels in the north. His true identity is unknown. 


Bazal - (bah - zil) A great warlock of The Ailaryan Order, who many believe to have been the most powerful wizard to have ever lived. His soul has broken free from its confinement in The Otherworld. His location is unknown. 




Runish tongue of the ancient Mal:

Ai’mair - (eye - mare) love. 


Darra - (dar - ah) protection.


Karl - free.


Kihl’dor - (keel-dore) leader.


Nihr’el - (neer-el) World Tree.

Nihr'el nur amo ruso - World Tree save my soul




Ti arda montë - (tee-ar-dah monn-tay) How is your heart? - old Lovasi greeting.


Ênalia dura - (ee-nah-lee-ah dOOR-ah) My heart is home - Reply to the old greeting; means my heart is happy, safe, warm–feelings of home. 


Di ąrda illientë - (dee - ar - dah ILL - ee - en - tay) Where is your mind? - Old Lovasi insult; a way of calling someone stupid. 


The Old Tongue (Yehvenki):


Dagdora - (dag-dOR - ah) fire.




Druids - The old blood of the ancient Mal. Even The Mal know little about the druids, other than they built the Standing Stones using magics they stole from Old Yehven. Mages and seers were once common amongst the druids when their blood was pure, but as they have diluted their blood over generations, folk have forgotten them. 


El’vie - (Ell-vee) Merrmonsters that live in the Lake of Pool. They are almost more fishlike than they are human. They speak in a twittering tongue lost on most ears. The druids said the el’vie have always been there, born out of the waters that surround the world tree. Their souls are bound to it. They pay no attention to others, and they never leave their Pool except to mate with humans. 


Giy’er - (Guy-err) Massive, giant like creatures that live in wide open spaces, usually at the foot of mountains or hills so they can easily catch game animals. Faster than a horse, with leathery skin and rock-like bones. They start enormous bonfires to cook their meat, and they often spread out of control. They are unpredictable other than the fact they are terrified of running water


Hawka - (Hah-kah) Wolfish, elk-like carnivores that stand on two legs and roam the mountains and the hills. They eat what they see and they are always hungry. They are afraid of arbors and the dead souls that lurk in them. 


Warlocks - The survivors of Old Yehven. A race of folk known to have used dangerous and unpredictable magics to build grand empires. They seem to have used their magics to alter their lifespans and can live for many thousands of years.


Rangers - Descendants of the E’daru–the first skinchanger. (Also known as, greenhoods, skincrawlers, skinchangers, bodysnatchers.) Rangers have the ability to warg into animals. Common folk know little about the details, for most fear going near them. They worship the Maw god, and practice sacrifice regularly. 


Groups and Guilds:


The Feldarra - (Symbol - The Nihr’el) A group of folk sworn by sacred blood oaths to protect the lands of The Fells and Mal Hallow from foreign invaders. 


The Ailaryan Order - (Symbol - The Flaming Star) A group of warlocks from Old Yehven who survived the Starfall. They have used their magics to influence the world, and the people in it, ever since. 


The Rangers of E’daru - (Symbol - The E’daru, black horse with long human hair and no eyes.) A band of Rangers actively seeking E’daru. They live in the arbors and steal from folks passing through. They are all hoping for a meeting with E’daru. There are many Rangers who are not active in a band, and have settled down as a crofter, or in a hamlet somewhere. Because they have already had an encounter with e’daru, or they simply choose to walk away. 


The Raven’s Guild - (Symbol - a spread winged raven with a scroll in its mouth) The transporters of Ardura. The Raven’s guild can send one of their Ravens to retrieve anything, or anyone, anywhere in The Remembered Lands. And then deliver that thing, anywhere. For the right price, of course. 


The Old Gods:


The Spirits - Fire, Air, Water, Earth.


Father Tree - Divine justice, and ultimate judge of the souls of the dead.


The Hare - Mercy, peace, fertility, childbirth, life - blesses with bountiful harvest (or eats the harvest)


The Owl - Wisdom and foresight. 


The Stag - Courage, and strength, fortitude in battle


The Crow - Death, decay, and mystery.


The Swan - Innocence, love, beauty, protects the innocent


The Bluebird Twins - Luck. Ayla: Arts and music. Nox: Crafting.


The Lupin (The Outcast) - Darkness, the moon, and the unknown workings of nature. Referred to as the Maw God. 


Other Gods:


Eralis - (Eh-rah-lis), The One God. Worshipped throughout most of The Glenn, Ayeland, and The Hesterlands. A religion founded in Lovas, and spread by their empire. 

Karaat - (Kah-rat), The God of Sun and Moons. Worshipped throughout Esher, Lavesh, and most of Edura. A religion that has roots back in the days before the Starfall. Created by small folk and slaves, there are no places of worship for the followers of Karaat. They pray to the sun and the moon below the great sky sea. They usually centre their prayers around sacrifice, morning or night, and fire. Karaat granted his followers with a gift--- words laced with magics. the power of the words directly relates to how many people worship karaat.

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